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Where you choose to focus your attention will define your future.

We are building a community for those who choose to create a life with more intention and meaning. We want you to be part of this new journey. 

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Our Story

Hypnotic Positivity was born from the struggles we experienced in our lives. Born from the days, weeks, and years spent trying to survive life and failing to see how deep down inside ourselves, something was longing to be freed. We traded our dreams for the comfort of an easy present moment because we were in pain and the temptation of squashing that pain for just a little while, was just too difficult to ignore and not give into.

We knew inside that something was calling for a deeper meaning. Something we knew we were searching for, but could never quite reach. As time passed by, we could see how truly unfulfilled we were. We allowed others and circumstances to influence our path in our own lives because we fell into what was deemed normal or expected. Like so many others, we wanted to create a life we envision for ourselves, one born from the dreams that burned deep within our hearts. Yet, time ticked away as the efforts we made fell short of the changes we hoped to create.

Then, after many years of trial and error, we started to learn and notice that we have more power in each moment than we truly give ourselves credit for. That we can love ourselves more and work to focus our attention on the things that empower us.

When we felt like giving up, and there were so many moments when we did, we held on to hope that there was a deeper meaning behind the struggles we were experiencing. We understand that each day we have the power to choose what we focus on and although difficult, growth comes from these moments of the soul, where we search for answers to our heart’s deepest questions.

Join us, as we start this community dedicated to our search for a life of meaning. Join us, as we find the strength we possess in each moment of our day. Because our dreams are worth being lived.

The H. P. Team